4 Stroke Small 800 Watt Generator

I found the small generator I was looking for on sale at Amazon the other day. So I thought I’d fire it up and give it a shot before I went out on our next trip. Everything went really well. The generator is quiet. 56db on economy mode from about 3 feet, and only 70db right next to it under heavy load. Very pleased with it. Its an off brand small 800 watt generator. Here is the link to the exact model. This one is from Dirty Hand Tools, but for another $100 you seem to be able to get the identical machine in orange from Earthquake Tools or something. Check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.25.58 AM

I’m really excited about the possibilities that this small 800 watt generator gives me. It’ll fit in the cargo quarter berth, or in the cabin without issue. It’ll tie nicely up on the bow, and allow me to charge the house bank with the 10 amp charger. Or I can use it to charge the trolling motor battery. Or both! So this gives us the ability to really gunkhole down at Squaw Lake at the end of the summer.

Along with the 2 amps or so I get from the 50 watt solar panel on a sunny day, this should be plenty of power. Once I’m able to switch the motor from the 2.5hp 2 stroke to the 6hp 4 stroke I’ll really be in business. One fuel to carry (along with some spare oil).

Anyway, this small 800 watt generator is the bees knees. Its smaller than the one from Harbor Freight. Its quieter than the one from Harbor Freight. Its a 4 stroke as well. Now, was it 3 times as expensive? Yep. But its like 10 times as good.

There is an old saying about buying boots. The poor man buys a new pair of boots every year. A rich man buys one pair of boots every ten years, even though his boots are three times as much. After 10 years who’s ahead?

We’ll find out after I test this genny on the water.

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