Back on the Water for an August Rescue

Oh July was a bummer. July 4th got ruined by Jim’s engine falling apart. Then our next sail with Keri got ruined by unexpected work dragging on, and on, and on… so August. We’re into August already! Where does the summer go? Every year I have these grand ambitions to do this and that. Normally I accomplish very little. I hope that’s the nature of the human experience because, otherwise, I’m way behind the curve. But there was still a chance for an August Rescue!

But Lindsay, Henry, and I did get to take Exodus out on Mission Bay the other day. What a gorgeous time after spending a hot July in east county. 95 at home, but closer to 78 with a nice steady warm breeze out of the west. By the time we finished up the sail, the breeze may have really been a bit too strong.

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Nothing major. Just drove the boat down to the water, stepped the mast, launched, and sailed. We went out on a nice long reach to the south side of Fiesta Island before turning around and heading back.

On the way back in we noticed a laser stuck on the rocks over by the mobile home park. So we sailed over to check it out. When we got there, there were two brothers on the boat, and it was clear that they were being over powered by the wind. The older of the two was in the water trying to swim the boat up wind. I don’t know if you’ve ever swam a boat before, but its not a lot of fun. We offered to give them a tow, and they accepted. Turned out they were boy scouts who fell in love with sailing at camp this year. Their grandpa bought them a used laser. Good stuff. When we turned them loose they were heading back to the shore without difficulty. So that was a good rescue. Pay it forward people!

So I got to do my good turn on Tuesday.

Jim was reading at the bay waiting on us to pick some stuff up when we got back. So he helped me put the boat away. It goes a lot faster with two people.

I moved the trolling motor battery to the cockpit again. The boat seemed to tow better on the way home than it did on the way down with the extra tongue weight. I think we’re just overloading the back shocks on the Pacifica. Hmm… maybe buy that old E150 that’s always on Craigslist for a song? I don’t know… maybe…


Henry and Lindsay

Next month we’re going to try and head down for a long weekend (read: not Labor Day) to Squaw Lake. We’ll see if I actually make it happen.

At least this week we were able to rescue August.

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