Battery “#Upgrade”

Electricity and I have a history. I like to use it. It likes to not be there for me… its kind of an abusive relationship.

If you’ll recall when we took the potter out camping we killed the battery about an hour after dark. Which was bad, because I like using power. There was enough juice left to run some LEDs dimly, but that was about it. This suggested to me that the battery was toast. But I don’t want to buy a new battery to find out.

That left me with what I have at home. I had the trolling motor battery, which was new. Nope. Not going to use that for the house bank. That also left the 35ah battery we’d been using for the dingy for years. So that’s what I installed today. I went from a 90ah battery that doesn’t charge to a 35ah battery that does seem to hold a charge.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Only major issues with that install today are the tight cabin on the Potter. Which wasn’t really that big a deal. Also I had no way to connect the ring connecters to the new battery. I used a screw on the positive and a zip tie on the negative. It seems to work… *le sigh*

When I put the old house bank battery on the charger today it read 10.5v… so yeah, that sucker was dead dead dead. Considering it had been on solar the whole time that should have had some charge. Maybe the solar had become disconnected? Not sure.

Speaking of solar. My new controller from Amazon showed up. I worked with it on the 35ah battery, which meant by this morning I had a battery with 12.5v of charge. And I’m assuming that’s the case because I had the controller set to 24hour use mode, which means its trying to deliver current the whole time… so the battery was discharging over night? I think? Well, its on a 15watt panel now, with no draw, and no use in the foreseeableย future. I’ll try to measure the voltage when I next use the boat.

The yellow light means the Harbor Freight panel and charger should be charging.

Man… batteries and I need to come to some kind of understanding! Which means I need to learn how volts, amps, and watts are all tied together to deliver useful power.

Between the ebike and the electrically powered potter, I should be able to figure this out.

Oh yeah, check it out. I lowered the CG by moving the batteries into the frame… but in typical Steve fashion. There is some velcro, some zip ties, hot glue, and a yellow cargo strap holding that thing together. I imagine the first bump and they come out and destroy everything.

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