Idlers, Waisters, and Other Hands

These crew often sail with the club, but lack their own boat (probably wisely at this point as we’re already hurting for crew):

Dr. Zach, Esq., Powder Monkey, Striker, Helmsman

Zach’s made his first trip out to the swell. Jim wants to rate him higher after some stormy sail with he and Kate last year when he nobly sacrificed his health to get the boat on the mooring ball. Steve is of the opinion that bringing Smirnoff Ice onboard is iffy. He needs to make it up this summer. Zach is expendable  but his irrational distaste for all things Spanish endears him to the rest of the crew.

Zach did a bang up job on our trip to Mission Bay. On the way home he was at the helm as we rounded Point Loma, and we made our best time. Someone told him to follow some boat through the kelp, and he was good enough to question orders. Good man. Stand up fellow. Also, he got us through the kelp. Anyway, the man’s been promoted to helmsman. I think that’s a warrant officer at least! Welcome to the quarter deck Zach.

Chris Marcum, Swab

Chris has become our newest crew member by coming out with us three times. So congrats. Unfortunately, he’s been rated swab because I can’t remember him doing great things on the boat. Its possible I was drunk. Actually, I’m sure of it. Oh well, we needed a new swab anyway. So, thanks Chris. Marcum is a stand up guy who doesn’t complain and is there when you need him. He’s a smart one too. It took him years to finally make three trips with us, but eventually we tricked him.

Keri Faerie, Cabin Girl

Keri has been sailing with us for a long time. But owing to her living out of town in some sort of inland empire (which must be oppressive) she doesn’t get to come out very often. But she’s made it to the crew! Kerri is a blast to sail with. She’s always ready to help, and doesn’t spend the entire time reading. She’s also great with a camera in that she has one when the rest of us only have cell phones. So, her 4x optical zoom is awesome to have aboard. Hopefully she’ll be able to come out more often after she graduates from school. Oh, an avid opera fan as well. I didn’t even know those existed.

Keri was there for our (my – Steve) cocked up docking of March, 2014. She was onboard as the second set of hands, earning her a promotion from Swab to Cabin Girl. This means she’s now in charge of grabbing beers too. Keep reaching for those stars Keri!

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