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The Dog Day’s Ain’t Over

me@jamesjgriffin.com : September 17, 2014 6:05 pm : CassopeiaRising, Cool Stuff, HardFin

Hey, I thought Summer was over!

I guess the weather gods had other plans.

Last weekend was unbearably hot in San Diego. Just awful. Our place in North Park got up to 90 degrees inside. Lindsay’s classroom was over 100 degrees inside the week before in City Heights. Its just been a killer heat wave. But down on the water? Well, down on the water was perfect.

Zach had been wanting to go out sailing for awhile, and work had been standing in the way. But Sunday proved to be a perfect day for everyone, so Jim and Kate took us out on the HardFin with the intention of meeting up with Miss Marvel and James down in Glorietta Bay.

Of course, if we were going to be stopped for more than five minutes, Dan was intent on swimming.

So with our sail plan set, we headed out to the bay and turned east.

Driving back from a long day...

Driving back from a long day…

Clouds from all the moisture down in Mexico were building all day on the horizon. It looked at times like they might make it out to the coast, but they never did.

Downwind sailing went pretty well. It was helped along by one of the best ideas Zach has ever had: The Gallon of Greyhounds. Yep. Take yourself a gallon cooler and fill it with booze, ice, and more booze. Add some fruit for flavor. Bam. The day’s refreshments were done.

By the time we got down to the bridge everyone was having a great time (greyhounds or no) except Zach’s special lady friend Natasha. Motion sickness strikes again. That bastard just won’t leave us alone. She felt pretty bad until we parked and got some swimming in. Truth be told, I started feeling bad myself so I ended up taking a dramamine. That kind of cancelled my day of light drinking because I passed the hell out when I got home. So much for babysitting.

It was a perfect day for swimming though.


I call it the Cut-N-Jump

I call it the Cut-N-Jump

It was one of those perfect San Diego days. The water was warm, but not hot tub warm. The air was perfect. There was a warm west breeze. It wasn’t hot, but you didn’t need a towel either. It was the kind of day you wait all summer, nay, two summers for. Just awesome.

While Dan and Zach were out swimming just off the boat we met a guy from Australia who knew the previous owner of HardFin when it was the Jerry May. I think he said his wife was from somewhere just outside Manchester, England. Small world huh?

Eventually we had to head home. We had somehow missed Marvel.

But then, there she was finally. Sailing down from the Midway to meet up with us. We waved and yelled back and forth a couple of times. Jim had us motoring, and they were sailing the Cassiopeia Rising really well. What we really needed were zoom lenses. We got pretty close.

Alas, not close enough. I still have not met James. Amazing. I could pick him out of a lineup though. That’s how often I think I’ve been within yelling distance.

Ah well. So we drove home.

Kate managed to park the boat superbly, and then fall down the stairs. Jim really ought to bolt those bad boys back down. Wicked bruises. So, that’s a bummer.

Anyway, a pretty sweet way to beat the heat of these dog days of summer.

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Big City, Little Boat

me@jamesjgriffin.com : April 13, 2014 9:55 pm : CassopeiaRising

Who am I kidding, San Diego isn’t a big city. I thought you guys were going to stop, tie up, and hang out! Not just come by and, I presume, laugh at me. Nice maneuvering under sail in the mooring fleet though!

Cassiopeia Rising in San Diego – Spring?

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Working on a Mockup for the Shanty Yacht Club Flag

me@jamesjgriffin.com : February 19, 2014 12:05 am : CassopeiaRising, Cool Stuff, exShortSail, HardFin, TheAnswer

Just an initial draft, but thoughts?


Mockup v.1

Mockup v.1

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Second Voyage of the Cassiopeia Rising

me@jamesjgriffin.com : December 29, 2013 3:40 am : CassopeiaRising

Saturday in winter. Perfect for sailing. Well, yes, if you’re in San Diego. Kris was good enough to invite me out on her boat at 10:30. So I figured 10:45 would be good. I think we actually pulled away from the dock at noon. But there’s a story, dammit!

Kris' boat... clouds did not look promising.

Kris’ boat… clouds did not look promising.

Kris had picked up some gas in a tank that just decided it wanted to leak. Or vent. Or something. As pressure built up in the tank (for some reason) it just sprayed gas out of a vent. Well, not only did that funk up her nice car that doesn’t even have plates yet, but it was also spilling everywhere. Nothing beats gasoline on the hands after a santa ana wind to dry out the skin. Anyway, one quickish trip to Harbor Freight later and we had a fuel pump to transfer the extra fuel out of the leaky tank into the regular tank. All fueled and ready to go. That’s boating for you. Everything always takes longer.

It was a gorgeous day though. Kris pulled out of the slip… um, well the boat got moving. Practice huh? It does make perfect.

Kris messing with the jib.

Kris messing with the jib.

Once we were out in the south bay, and the wind was up, it was a great day. We made 5 – 6 knots easily several times according to Saildroid tracks. We got a great view of some boats racing around some of the channel buoys, which was cool. Its always fun to watch other people doing it well. That kind of put Kris and I into harm’s way as it were, so we set up a course north to south, down and upwind respectively, so she could practice maneuvers without fear of being hit or hitting anything else. Marvel was pretty damn effective in a figure eight race. We’re going to start looking for beer can races in the spring.

One of the many large boats racing around south bay.

One of the many large boats racing around south bay.

Being so close to the east side of the bay gave us a great view of the navy’s LHD’s too. In any other navy in the world they’d be aircraft carriers, but not in the U.S. Navy… and heck, there are three just sitting there. Maybe we need more?

So, there was a harrier on the far LHD.

So, there was a harrier on the far LHD.

And then it seems there wasn't.

And then it seems there wasn’t.

It started getting cooler around 2pm, so we headed back. Made a good show of sailing back into the channel too. Even got to use the “autopilot” to give Kris a hand getting the jib down. Eventually it was time to head in. Kris’ 2stroke motor is a terribly hanky piece of junk. I hate to say it about something she was given. But its time for, if not an upgrade, then just a side-grade to get her something to safely maneuver inside the breakwater. Its never fun to be struggling with the pull start as you’re drifting into the wall, rocks, sand, or other boats. Kind of kills the whole zen thing we’re going for.

The "Autopilot"

The “Autopilot”

Just to prove I was there.

Just to prove I was there.

So that was fun. Thanks Kris.

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Ms. Marvel’s Catalina is pretty dang quick

me@jamesjgriffin.com : December 2, 2013 10:26 pm : CassopeiaRising, Uncategorized

Ms. Marvel’s boat is about twice as fast as my Short Sail. We’ll have to race to be sure… but its not looking pretty. We overtook another Catalina without too much issue. The first time that’s ever happened to me!

Capt. Marvel at the Tiller

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