S/V Short Sail Officers

Capt. Steve

Capt. Steve graduated from the Puddle Duck Sailing/Boat Building School in 2008 when he had a part time job and not a lot of money. Since then, he’s skippered a Lido 14 in a series of uninspiring runs in Mission Bay, CA. Now, half-owner of the S/V Short Sail, Steve brings the very essence of DIY to yachting. If you see a tarp flying as a sail on San Diego Bay, its probably Steve’s handiwork.

Lindsay, First Mate/Quarter Master

Lindsay is not a fan of her likeness being on the interwebs. Something about pipes, and not knowing where things have been. Anyway, Lindsay serves as Quater-Master and Mate on any voyage of the Short Sail. In every sense she keeps law and order between the rest of the crew, especially when things become heated between the Captains during tight maneuvering over who was supposed to re-up the insurance payment and when. Owing to this degree of authority, Lindsay likes to style herself “Commodore” . Lindsay’s level head never falters no matter the degree of heel.

Beth, Second Mate/Safety Officer

Having been promoted from Ballast to Swab last year, Beth is shaping up to be a great sailor. Also, she’s ship’s photographer because she own’s a nice camera and will bring it aboard. She’s been a real help lately, especially on Short Sail, so we promoted her to seaman at the end of this season. Plus, it sounds funny.

Beth recently has been promoted to Second Mate of the S/V Short Sail. Two reasons. One, she’s been available. So that’s been good. Second, she’s really taken an interest in helping lately. She’s served well on two trips out to the ocean. So, thanks Beth!

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