Finally! Some Time on the Water

Work is over (well, I’m unemployed again anyway), summer is here, and Sunday was time to get back out on the water. Nothing fancy. Just a day sail around Mission Bay.

Beth happened to be in town visiting, so we cruised the east side of Fiesta Island, our old stomping grounds when we used to sail the Lido 14 and the Puddle Duck.

The goal, as it always used to be was to sail around Enchanted Isle, and then back up into De Anza cove. After that we could see where the day, and the crappy gloomy weather, would take us.

Everything went swimmingly on the way east. I got the motor turned off as soon as we passed the break water for Campland. Boy, I sure do love the ease of rigging the Potter. Its like a 2 minute job to get the main up, and cleated off. I’m also really loving the trolling motor. I had lengthened the wire’s reach so that I could put the battery on the cockpit floor out of the way. That worked very well. Especially on a windy day when we didn’t need to motor, it was great.

We had launched about noon. It took a little longer to get to Mission Bay because of a detour to Mission Hills to get burritos. But as the afternoon wore on the wind picked up a bit. Going down the east side of Fiesta was great. A nice long tack. Right up until we ran around on the north side of the Enchanted Isle. We kind of have a knack for doing stuff like that.

This time though getting loose was a cinch. Crank the keel up a couple of feet, gun the motor, and off we went to complete our navigation of the Enchanted Cove.

After that we headed down the west side of Fiesta Island to see what was happening. We saw this.

So this guy was launching jet skis. With his truck up to the door in the water. I’m not sure why he was doing it that way. Wouldn’t you think you’d want to keep the entire vehicle out of the water? I don’t know. He must have had a reason for doing it like that. Beyond me.

After checking out the local wild life there it was time to head home. Henry was getting cranky, and we still haven’t worked out a good nap situation onboard.

He’s good on the boat for the most part. But he’s starting to want to be more mobile, and there’s just not a lot of area for him to move around in. The cockpit is pretty tight. We’re thinking maybe of sewing together some kind of insert to put down there and then tie off so he can scoot around the floor with some toys.

We’ll see.

I can’t wait to get this thing set up for a trip down to San Diego Bay.

Anyway, it was a great day. Relaxing for the most part. Just enough wind. Good friends (although Beth was demoted from second mate to swab again mostly because this new boat doesn’t need more watch officers, and she moved to Indiana). All in all, a good day, and a good way to end working for the year.

You know… until I have to get another job to keep Henry in the diapers to which he as become accustomed.

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