Memorial Day Sail

Alota Potential… I tell you. This boat sure has Alota Potential.

Lindsay, Henry, Kerri, and I took the Potter 19 out on Mission Bay for memorial day weekend. I hadn’t been out since Marcum and I went around the bay three weeks ago.

My goals for the day were to make it to the ocean, try out my new batter gauge, check the house bank’s capacity, and not hurt my son. I accomplished all of those!

[as a side note, I think every single person walking around Campland today was drunk. They all had beers anyway. That makes it tough to drive around. The kids are bad enough, but a 40 year old on a bike or golf cart driving drunk? Yeah, that’s fun]

It was a pretty straight forward sail. We left Campland about noon, and made it to the entrance to the channel about 2pm. One short detour to let the ladies use the restroom was made at Paradise Point. We turned around right after making it to the ocean because there was a goodly swell going, and the trolling motor was about dead. But we did make it. And… I’m not terribly good at narratives. I really need to get better.

Funny stories… I’m not sure. Well, there was a lady at the Paradise Point boat dock that had hit the rocks with a rented boat, and dinged up the propeller. That was a $150 mistake. See, that’s why I don’t rent! Then there was our house bank. 35ah is insufficent. As we turned around from the ocean, the volt meter read 8.5v or something. I killed it. The computer died, and I couldn’t run lights. So I’ll need to put a bigger battery in there. Such was my plan anyway, but I had hoped to hold off. Can’t be done. Henry skipped his afternoon nap, and climbed all over mama… that was kind of funny. Oh and every time I needed to screw with the motor, or grab a drink, or whatever, we veered wildly off course. Steve needs to rig a tiller tamer.

As we got out to the ocean, the day looked pretty good. It took about half an hour to motor up the channel with the trolling motor. That’s not really a problem, except it killed the battery. So when we got to the entrance, we were dealing with a nearly dead motor, and some heavy swell. It seemed dumb to attempt to fool with that mess with my son on board. So we turned around and headed back.

Heading back was totally uneventful. A nice downwind sail, or wind on the port aft quarter the whole way. By the time we got back near the VOR tower in Mission Bay we actually had quite a bit of wind. The boat was healed over 10 degrees, the spray was flying, and she felt fast. Well, fast for a Potter 19. But a great day.

Saw a beautiful gaff rigged sloop on the way back (pics in the gallery). I thought it was a weekender at first, but I don’t think so now. Still pretty cool.

Sailed almost onto the dock.

Then came the chucklefuckery…

What is it about a boat ramp that brings out the worst in people? Its a holiday weekend, you know the thing is going to be in high demand. Does that suggest that washing your wave runners on the ramp is a good idea? Well, it isn’t. Should you be driving your boat onto the trailer at full throttle? Probably not. But then maybe don’t put your friend in charge of that critical task. How about this appearing to be your first time ever backing down the ramp? Maybe save that for a Tuesday in the off season. At least that way the drunks hanging out at the top of the ramp won’t be making fun. But then, maybe you don’t care? But I think you did care because you ended up driving away in defeat. You didn’t even launch your wave runners. I don’t know… practice makes perfect, and you have to start somewhere. But that somewhere shouldn’t be the pros. That’s my theory anyway. I’m a get onto the ramp, launch/recover the boat, and get off the ramp kind of guy. I also guess I’m the only one.

But no biggie. We got the boat put away by the time Kerri and Lindsay got back from the restroom. Only issue: I forgot my glasses. Crud.

All in all, I was pretty pleased. I need to clean up, and I need to get the cockpit ready for Henry to play in. I need to get a bigger house bank (or some more sun). I loaded the 2 stroke onboard today, and stored the gas (but I need a new gas can). So, we’re getting close to ready for anything we want to tackle.

I’m at least prepared enough to be dangerous. ๐Ÿ™‚


Memorial Day Sail

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