Remember when Steve broke his face?

Thanks to Google Photos for the fine memories of the day Steve broke his face. Forget about that? Oh yeah, well, we went out on the SV Short Sail for a lovely afternoon sailing with Steve’s mother-in-law Ronette.

Upon returning to the Coast Guard dock to drop everyone off in a smooth fashion, Steve leapt from the Short Sail and missed the dock completely except for his chin.

Aside from the embarrassment and a few stitches, our gallant hero was none the worse for wear. Let that be a lesson to all those future shanty sailors out there, that the coast guard dock is nothing to mess around with. Talk down about the Coast Guard Auxiliary enough and the dock will fight back. Simple matter of pride.

Jesus, though, was that really two years ago? How time does fly.

If you want to keep up on our shanty antics, don’t forget to follow Capt. Steve on twitter @shantyyc.ย no Twitter with current id

Until next time, may you have fair weather and following seas.

Steve Breaking his Face

Steve Breaking his Face

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