Sailing For the Superbowl #SB50

Our plan was to go sailing for the Superbowl instead of watching it. Carolina and Payton Manning? Eh… whatever.ย Exodus needed a springtime shakedown cruise anyway. 80 degrees on Mission Bay? Sounds perfect! (We’ve not always had the best luck sailing on Superbowl Sunday)

The Admiral and First Mate doing what they do best

We got down there in good time, and the boat towed nicely. I got the mast up pretty quickly. I really need to remember to attach the main sheet in the right order. The jam cleat needs to go at the bow, and the boom attachment needs to go on the halyard, or I can’t hold the sheet myself as I raise the mast. One of these times I’m going to do it correctly.

One little snag was that we forgot the trolling motor battery. My plan was to measure the current draw of everything on the boat at once, and help size the house bank I needed. Whoops. So I didn’t get that done, and I had to use the gas motor to dock the boat, and that thing doesn’t have the best low end control.

Once out on the water though it was really nice. Some folks were having a canoe race.

They were seriously into it

Other than a motorboat or two, we really didn’t see anyone else out there besides these racers. I attribute that to it being Super Bowl Sunday. But, of course, that was our plan all along. Sure, it was a nice day, but who’s going to trade nachos, beer, and wings for a day out on the water? I hoped no one. I was pretty right.

A trip around the Enchanted Isle

I figured a nice trip around the Enchanted Isle would be fun since we hadn’t done that in awhile, and it was a pretty steady west wind. Sailingย down there under the main was slow going because we were fighting the tide the whole way. Passing theย north end of the island was unworkable because of the wind and the tide. Too much leeway to skirt to the north of it. So I decided to head around the east side, and come back up the west.

The other snag was here. To get around the south side of the Island is pretty tight. Its about 50 feet wide, with big sand bars on either side. With the tide falling, I wasn’t even sure we’d have enough clearance to get through. Combine that with the wind direction, and I had to fire up the motor to get through. This stretch of water seemed so much bigger in the Puddle Duck.

Did I cheat? Yeah, a little bit. But we sailed the rest of the way. Probably some of the longest sailing I’ve done since Labor Day.

Anyway, I hope Henry had a good time. Mommy and Daddy sure did!

Guess what? We were home by kickoff!

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