Short Swell makes Short Work of My Stomach

Ugghh… so we’ll start off with a review of some seasickness medicine. Less drowsy dramamine is no good. All it did was leave me sick, and when I got home, I had to take a nap. So that’s out.

Okay, Pat, Zach, and I set out to test some final stuff before a potential run down to San Diego inย Alotta Potential. Goals included:

1. Making sure out outboard ran well, and would run for a good long time.
2. Trying the boat in the swell

Nah, I guess that was it.

The outboard ran great. In just under an hour we had made it from Campland to the break water of Mission Bay. I’m glad we didn’t have to fight the west wind the whole way out.

The boat did fine in the swell. It was a short and fast one though. Really bobbed out there, and couldn’t make a lot of headway. We basically made one south west tack, and then one northerly tack, and then we headed back in and did a nice leisurely sail back to the dock.

We had to head back in because, as I said, that non-drowsy dramamine works for crap.

Did see another Potter 19 out there though. He hollered over that he was from SoCal Potters. I guess they had a meetup over the weekend. Really need to get on that list. Every time we see someone with a potter they’re nice people. Very friendly.

That was it. Everything went pretty well. We hit all the marks on our list, and did them on time too. I was home within 20 minutes of when I hoped to be home. This boat sure is easy to rig and get on and off the water.

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