What Worked: Potter 19 Shakedown Cruise

As promised a discussion of what worked, and what didn’t, on our recent shakedown cruise on my Potter 19 Exodus. Several of these items are Potter 19 Modifications that I have made and have enjoyed. Worked: The Cleaned Up Cockpit – Jim helped me recently install a new hatch on the more »

Solar Panel Placement Potter 19

That’s not a very compelling title… Anyway, I installed the solar panel and new charge controller on AP before I headed out for Labor Day. Since its a small boat, its a little hard to find the best place to put everything. I wanted a panel that was relatively good size, more »

Trailer Lights – Prepping for Labor Day 2015 – Part 1

Here’s the plan. Head to Shelter Island on Saturday for the beginning of the Festival of Sail, launch the boat, have a great damn day, and then tie up at the police dock on Shelter for the night for camping. Leave on Sunday morning, and head back home. To do more »

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