What Worked: Potter 19 Shakedown Cruise

As promised a discussion of what worked, and what didn’t, on our recent shakedown cruise on my Potter 19ย Exodus. Several of these items are Potter 19 Modifications that I have made and have enjoyed.


The Cleaned Up Cockpit – Jim helped me recently install a new hatch on the port side cockpit to create a locker where the quarter berth used to be. That worked great. Stored forward in the space is the food and cooking tools (stove and what not). Then, behind the hatch I keep the gas, oil, and other miscellaneous things I might need. Buried in the back of the space is the dingy which I never use because I can beach the boat. But its been nice to get the gas can out of the cockpit when under way.

The Solar – The solar panel continues to kick butt. 50 watts attached to the rail is great when sailing. Its out of the way, but is also securely attached. I can’t use it if the cockpit is full, but if its just a couple of people, its wonderful.

The Computer – Using Navigatrix is wonderful on this old laptop. I’ve really gotten my money’s worth out of this Vaio. It went all over Europe with Lindsay and I five years ago, and is still going strong as my navigation station and TV. In fact, we got to watch a little bit of the America’s Cup race while we were at anchor.

Sailing – We purposefully tried to get the boat to heel over. It firmed up nicely at about 12 degrees. It always makes me nervous when sailing with my son (and my expensive stuff!) that I don’t know what the reserve stability is on the Potter 19. I don’t have a feel for it. Guess I should take it sailing more. Woe is me huh?

Anchoring – We’ve anchored the Potter 19 a few times. This time worked as well as those. We weren’t in Glorietta Bay as long as I’d hoped, but it was pretty windy, and the anchor held well in the mud. I’d trust it in the more sheltered waters in Mission Bay’s anchorage.

Trailer Light Bar – For towing, the lights built into the trailer seem awfully low. They’re hard to see. So I wanted a set that was up higher. I made a bar that they can sit on, and that can be strapped to the boat. For lights, I used a set of portable lights from Harbor Freight. They’re not the greatest in the world, but they shouldn’t rust out, and they’re quite visible.

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